If you really want to know what's good on the menu, who do you ask? The chef, of course (or seven courses if you really want to splurge).

Our program creators are in the kitchen cooking up the wide selection of music we serve daily (we even make them wear those big funny hats). But they like to step out from behind the grill once in a while to tell you about some of their latest, very personal favorites found among the ton of fresh music we get each day.

Some of these are discoveries you won't hear on ordinary radio. This is music so good you can taste it! ... Bon appetit pour la musique! (That's something they taught us to say in culinary school.)

Lisa Kirk
Music Director

A FOREIGN SOUND, Caetano Veloso (Nonesuch)
A few years ago, I saw Caetano Veloso in concert.  He told his audience that he “loves every word in the English language".  That affection is expressed wonderfully with his new album of American standards and modern pop songs.  Caetano, one of the master composers and poets of Brasil, has always been impressive with his elegant phrasing. Now we can appreciate that even more as he reinterprets songs we are more familiar with.  As a Caetano devotee, a favorite track of mine is "The Carioca", along with standards like "Body and Soul", which he covers so endearingly.  But to hear something completely new from Caetano and his orchestra, listen to his interpretation of "Smoke Gets In Your Eyes", Kurt Cobain's "Come As You Are" and the ironic “Nothing But Flowers”.

Chanda Carroll
Music Creator

MARIA RITA, Maria Rita (WEA)
There was a lot of expectation surrounding Maria Rita's recording debut. After all, she is the daughter of Elis Regina and Cesar Camargo Mariano. But the album has lived up to expectations and its impact has been enormous. Maria is gracious and spontaneous, and possesses a voice that is unbelievably pretty. She knows how to control emotion within a song; knows where the climaxes fit; and knows when silence is precious. This self-titled album by Maria is a must-hear. Full of modern Brazilian popular songs, this album is destined to become a classic. One of the highlights of the CD (and the first hit) is the song "A Festa", which was a gift Maria received from one of the greatest Brazilian composers, Milton Nascimento.

Katrina Brede
Music/Video Production Coordinator

Billy Bragg, "The Bard of Barking", cemented his reputation in the early '80s by taking on Margaret Thatcher's England in a direct troubadour style. Bragg's best songs mixed the personal and the political, alternating social agitation and cynical romance against a folk and pop sensibility. This three-CD compilation chronicles every pivotal phase in Bragg's career from the early solo strumming of an idealistic young man to his teamwork with Wilco putting the words of Woody Guthrie to music. Classics such as "Greetings To The New Brunette" and "Waiting For The Great Leap Forwards" are complemented by the newer and less circulated "St. Monday" and "Ingrid Bergman". Bragg's career has had its slumps and misses, but this set proves that even his most disappointing albums contain at least one timeless cut.

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